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Local and Trusted Commercial Roofing Contractors

Local business owners trust the specialists at Zion Roof & Restoration for commercial roof replacement and repair because of our commitment to customer service and exceptional knowledge of all types of roofs. When you need quality work done at competitive prices, you can count on us. No job is too big or small for our team, and we are committed to assessing the situation, diagnosing the problem accurately, and fixing it right the first time to save you headaches and frustration. Contact us for a commercial roof inspection today.

Common Problems With Commercial Roofing

Problems With Commercial Roofing in Collierville, TN

As commercial roof installers, we are very well informed about the common problems a business may encounter with its roof. It could be due to the age of the materials, exposure to severe weather, an accident, or, unfortunately, even other contractors’ shoddy work. The good news is, if most of the roof is still in decent condition and has life left in it, we can usually offer roof maintenance to correct the issue you’re facing. Common problems we encounter include:

  • Missing shingles from high winds or cracked, broken pieces
  • Uncovered nail holes or missing nails where water can enter
  • Damaged or missing flashing under shingles or siding
  • Skylights and sealed areas that have cracks or leaks
  • Roof valleys with insufficient protection
  • Chimney flashing that’s deteriorating
  • Plumbing vents not adequately sealed
  • Damaged HVAC and water heater pipe areas
  • Sidewalls and roof transitions without flashing or underlayment

Typical Repairs on Commercial Roofs

So, what can be done about a damaged roof? It doesn’t necessarily mean you need a complete commercial roof replacement. If the current one is very old, then that might be required. The age of the materials installed will help determine that. Otherwise, these are some pretty general repairs we perform on commercial roofs.

  • Replace missing shingles
  • Replace nails and fill empty nail holes with roof cement
  • Reinstall roof flashing where necessary
  • Apply appropriate sealants to roof leak areas around skylights and HVAC equipment

Learn About Our Quick and Easy Roof Repair Services

We stress to our clients that having a roof inspection completed on your property regularly is one of the best ways to save yourself time, money, and headaches. How often this is done depends on the complexity of the roof and the materials on top. We can help determine how frequently you consider doing this on your specific property. For example, a multi-family living complex with an average pitched roof covered with asphalt shingles won’t need to be inspected as often as a flat-roof office complex with the building’s HVAC equipment stored on top. Metal roofs are one of the most durable materials, so they encounter fewer problems than others. It all depends on the roof.

Telling Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

While we don’t suggest property owners climb up on their roofs to look for issues, there are some tell-tale signs that the top of your building might require some attention and repair. And these are usually visible from the safety of the ground. What should you look for?

  • If you have a pitched roof covered with asphalt shingles, take a look from the sidewalk or parking lot to see if you notice any missing shingles or take note of any pieces of shingles on the ground around the property.
  • Any discoloration or dark stains on the roof covering or on the siding near the roofline are signs of water getting underneath the roofing material.
  • Take note of fluctuating heating and cooling costs. If you notice a spike in energy consumption, that could be an insulation issue connected to a deteriorating roof.
  • This one may be hard to notice because it usually only happens on flat roofs; although you might be able to see it from a window on a multi-level building, if you see pooling or standing water, your roof might have a low area that could cause problems.

What Makes Us Different?

We understand you have choices when it comes to deciding who to partner with for commercial roofing contractors. We promise to deliver superior customer service and offer the ability to deal directly with our owners on the details of your project to ensure you’re completely satisfied with our work. Commercial roofs take an experienced eye and a high level of care to ensure the finished job stands up to the promises of the contractor. The last thing we want is to tell you your roof is fixed only to get an unhappy call soon after. We strive to get it done right the first time. Need more assurance? Take a look at our customer reviews to find out how happy our clients are with our work.

Speak With a Commercial Roof Repair Professional

When you need commercial roof repairs in the Collierville, TN area, Zion Roof & Restoration is here to answer the call and deliver the help you need. Don’t let a leaky roof slow your business down. Contact our team today. We respond quickly to emergency repair requests and all other commercial roof needs and won’t keep you waiting. Give us a call today.

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Let the residential roofing contractors at Zion Roofing assist with your next project. Call us to schedule a free consultation and estimate at (901) 304-9466, or fill out this contact form to get in touch with our team!

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