Memphis Storm Damage and Restoration

Storm damage on your rooftop demands immediate action from a Memphis storm damage restoration company. However, before making a rash decision it is worth your effort and time to choose wisely. If you are not used to such a situation, you have the choice of spending time researching the best repair contractor or calling the first one you find. We want to make this quick and easy for you – call us for all of your roofing concerns. We handle all projects, including residential and commercial, no matter how tricky or simple. We get there quickly and perform top-quality work.

If you have spent any time in Memphis, you know the kinds of storms that are likely throughout the year, most of them causing storm damage. There is the typical summer storm, bringing with it heavy downpours, lighting and hail. When you think about an ice cube roughly the size and weight of a golf ball screaming at 200 mph from the top of a cumulonimbi cloud and smacking squarely on your rooftop, it is crucial to get your roof checked out. Once a storm has passed, you may check your home’s gutter drains to inspect for any ice. If you do not, however, it may simply mean it has melted and you may want to call us anyway. We are happy to discuss our maintenance program.